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Save Time With Keyboard Shortcuts 
  Allied Computing 
  Calvin Hill 
Keys to use during start up

In order to . . . . . . hold these keys during startup
Turn off System Extensions Shift
Rebuild desktop files Command-Option
Zap the PRAM Command-Option-P-R
Eject a CD-ROM Mouse Button Until CD Ejects
Start up from a CD Hold C Until Smiley Mac Screen

General Shortcuts and Time Savers

In order to . . . . . . press these keys
Activate desktop from within an Open / Save Dialog Command-D
Create a new folder / New Document


(OS X - Command-Shift-N for a New Folder)

Open a file or the currently selected icon Command-O
Open a selected icon and close its window Option-Command-O or Option and Double-Click
Close all open windows Option-Command-W
Select the next icon alphabetically Tab
Select the previous icon alphabetically Shift-Tab
Select an icon to the left or right (in icon views
Left arrow or Right arrow
Select an icon above or below (in any view) Up arrow or Down arrow
Take a snapshot of the entire screen Command-Shift-3
Take a snapshot of part of the screen Command-Shift-4
Force Quit Application Command-Option-Esc
Cancel operation Command-. (period)
Switch to next Running Program Command-Tab
Save Command-S


  Hug a Mac
Because we care about your Macintosh
as much as you do.
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